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The upcoming soccer matches this weekend from Friday to Sunday.

Live TV RU: The Canadian LEGAL alternative you have been looking for!

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Nicole Sommer - Soccer expert Last updated: Sunday, 04.December 2022 — 8 minutes read
Author Biography
Hello. My name is Nicole Sommer. I am a big soccer enthusiast and do a lot of reserach around the easiest way to watch soccer on TV and online across the whole globe.
Important Disclaimer  We do not endorse or support the site Live TV RU. When watching live streams online please ensure that you are operating within your local laws and regulations and are consuming content from the original riught holders. is an English-language sports site that offers live broadcasts of sporting events. Most of their audience are from Italy. The site appears to mirror Site is missing https so it is currently identified as not secure. Content is questionable as clicking on top events or top broadcasts would lead you to betting sites instead of the actual event.

Soccer, basketball and more

Liveru.EU is an English language sports website that offers live broadcasts of sports events that are particularly popular with Italian viewers. The counterpart liverufsx is aimed at spectators in Spain, the La Liga games or the Copa del Re Olé! The content of this page contains questionable links to betting sites rather than actual coverage of the event - something to be careful about if you're trying new things at festivals but want nothing more than real news articles with no ads every five seconds pops up as you scroll through content in the breaks between missions

Tip: Live TV RU Football has a huge range of sports live streams

Are you a soccer fan? Especially from football live? Are you looking for top live streams from the Champions League, Europa League, Bundesliga or other major sports such as basketball, ice hockey, tennis or motorsport in 2021? You don't want to miss anything live? Follow live as streaming when the qualification for a tournament on a knife's edge is somewhere in the world today at 7:00 p.m.? Live, streaming, match and win.

Advantage: The live stream is free

The streaming offer from all over the world should also be free of charge in 2021 and reliably accessible on the Internet? Not just the game at 7:00 p.m., but whenever you want to see you live top football during the week or on the weekend, today, next Thursday or Friday? Then you have come to the right place, but ...

Warning 1: These live streams are free, but unfortunately not legal at all ...

For years, watching live streams from dubious sites or a questionable broadcaster on the Internet was a gray area. Anyone who had no ethical or moral concerns could still fetch their full load of football live as a stream for years without any worries.

Disadvantage: The legal situation is clear

That was over since April 2017. The European Court of Justice ruled that live streaming of obviously illegal content is a criminal offense. In this case, the rights of top football live as live streams from the Champions League, Bundesliga in 2021 are obviously held by other channels such as Sky.

Therefore, the copyright has been violated today.

Warning 2: ... and if you click on the link, the use itself could be expensive

As with the illegal film platform, the legal situation was unclear for a long time. After all, here and there you don't simply load any data from the website live onto your own hard drive (it was always clear that you weren't allowed to do that) so that you can watch the video as often as you like later.

Disadvantage 1: It is a criminal offense for us

Anyone who clicks on the links to the live stream 2021 here to see the top game in sport from football or basketball live "only" creates a temporary file. Before the judgment of the European Court of Justice, it was unclear whether the volatile data was a copy within the meaning of copyright law or not.

According to the opinion of most specialist lawyers, this question has now been clarified. Yes, anyone who watches the live stream of the Bundesliga or sports events from a side in 2021 that has not acquired the corresponding rights is a criminal offense. According to the current state of knowledge, no warnings have yet been issued. But in Germany the use of such offers is undoubtedly a criminal offense.

Disadvantage 2: And the risk increases ...

And the risk that examples will be set does not diminish, since rights in football, in sport in general, are a billion dollar business. The broadcasters invest a lot in making attractive sports and their games from all over the world accessible live as streams.

Disadvantage 3: ... because the investments should be worthwhile

And most of them want their investment in football or sport to recapitalize as quickly as possible. A competitor who offers free links for the next games as a live stream today or this week is a threat to the business model.

Disadvantage 4: A warning should cost users a lot

The user of illegal offers of live streams in football should be prepared for a fine of around 200 euros.

Advantage: There are other websites with live streams

Good to know. So it's best not to use it. There have long been many other offers that broadcast various games and sports live. And most of them are better because they are less dangerous. Ask other fans and whoever Googles will find.

The good livestream is just a click away. The public broadcasters, Sky, Amazon, DAZN and, and, and.

Warning 3: Don't let the apparently "legal country code" confuse you

The website is no longer hosted in Russia. If she had moved to Germany, Italy or many other countries in Europe, most of the authorities, not just the German ones, would have made short work of them and closed them immediately.

Nightmare: No football live, no live stream to be seen

Nope, no more football live and for free from any exciting league, no live streams of basketball or tennis from all over the world, no games from other sports. If you come, you will simply no longer find the page and the data, no links.

Advantage: there are lagoons and beaches on Sint Maarten ...

But the range of football and many other sports now trades under the name .sx, which is the abbreviation for Sint Maarten. There are lagoons and beaches to see on the Caribbean island ...

Disadvantage 1: ... but an unclear legal situation

The page can be found with the new abbreviation on Google, it continues to offer every stream of soccer, soccer, soccer from "your" league, live, live, live and free of charge. But on Sint Maarten, the legal situation is also quite unclear with regard to streaming in football.

That means: You don't have to expect the providers to block the site. So you will be able to broadcast live videos or streams of football and other sports all over the world.

Disadvantage 2: The move does not change anything for the user

Caribbean climes may be attractive in principle. The fact that the website now lives there, legally speaking, changes nothing for the user who wants to see Bundesliga soccer or other sport as a live stream and clicks the corresponding link, but nothing. If you watch videos or the stream of your league or your sport, today at 7:00 p.m. or whatever, you are making yourself liable to prosecution.

Conclusion: Better hands off

Anyone who often watches videos from the field of sports, streaming live with friends at 7:00 p.m. today, the Bundesliga or another top league from around the world, wants to enjoy stress-free, exciting entertainment with radical topicality. Otherwise, why shouldn't he watch videos of a series on Netflix & Co.?

But anyone who clicks the link to illegal streaming providers is taking a risk today. Everyone has to decide for themselves whether this spoils their enjoyment of sport or not.

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