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Nicole Sommer - Soccer expert Last updated: Friday, 30.September 2022 — 3min read

Hesgoal offers free football streams and broadcasts other major sporting events globally. The site also has a great feature called a "Sportschat" where users can enjoy interactive messaging. They have 26million + total visits to date, with UK sports fans making up their biggest audience. The site has too many irrelevant ads.

The best place to watch the Champions League online for free

Hesgoal offers free football streams and also broadcasts other major sporting events around the world. The site also has a great feature called "Sports Chat" that allows users to exchange interactive messages. That makes the site more interesting than most of the other sites that have been visited a total of 26 million times! Unfortunately, there is too much irrelevant advertising on this platform (that some people might see).

Pro-arguments 1 to 5: Enjoy the best football games live, easy, always, free of charge

Live, live, live! Soccer, soccer, soccer. It just sounds perfect what Hesgoal 2021 is offering to the user. Watch top-class football live without lengthy preparations. At 6:00 p.m., 8:00 p.m. or whenever the soccer ball rolls live across the lawn. Premier League, Bundesliga, DFB-Pokal or what the other top leagues in 2021 have to offer, football live, fast, exciting - and free of charge. Start the projector at 6:00 p.m., prepare cold drinks, select the right stream, the finest game from the best international football leagues on the Gesgoal site - and simply enjoy it live. The most beautiful side of football. With or without you. The greatest games! That sounds great.

Pro-argument 6: Live chat with users worldwide

The soccer fan from Germany will never be alone in 2021. With HesGoal users from all over the world, he can connect live in the sports chat and exchange information, football news and opinions - about the game itself, about football in general, about the situation in the Bundesliga in Germany in 2021, the Premier League, in the DFB- Cup or in the other leagues where things go wrong. More, more, more - and everything live in 2021. Football fans have been waiting for an offer like the one from HesGoal in 2021. With so much fun! The portal you have to be on!

Pro-Argument 7: News from the international football leagues

HesGoal 2021 also has the latest news from the Bundesliga and the big world of international football: What's new in the French league? Which match pairings were drawn for the next round of the DFB-Pokal? What's going on in football at ManU, the Citizens, Tottenham, Arsenal in 2021? Why is Mathieu happy at Barcelona? And and and. Or because it is information in English: and, and, and ...

Contra argument 1: Not all messages are "news"

Is everything always up-to-date and live at HesGoal from the world of football? Well, old football news from the Bundesliga can get lost in the news column 2021 so far between all the teasers on live football games and more information. Then the astonished user learns that Paderborn has to play on the 22nd game day of the Bundesliga at Bayern Munich - and who coach Pep Guardiola has put into the starting line-up. Apart from the "eternal" Müller and Neuer, these are only names from the past of football on Säbener Straße. Sure, the soccer game also took place live in September 2014 - and not in 2021. From the past with love ...

Pro-Argument 8: What's going on in motorsport?

In 2021, however, HesGoal is not just about football live in Germany and everything that goes on in the top football league in Spain, Italy or England, for example. In addition to football, the portal will also be showing motorsport live in 2021! So Formula 1 and Moto GP, screeching engines, screeching tires and rapid maneuvers from the world's most famous racetracks. Let's see what the messages show us in 2021. With a big roaarrr!

Pro-argument 9: Vettel is back in the red goddess

Well, like in the football segment, in the news column on motorsport we find not only a lot of the latest, but also messages that have already gathered a bit of dust. There we read in 2021 that Sebastian Vettel is happy about his second win of the season in Hungary as a driver of a Ferrari. Well, in 2021 Seb will start in the Aston Martin, with unfortunately moderate success so far. His years in the red racer from Maranello were 2015 to 2020 - and this "news" comes from his first year in the cockpit of the red goddess.

Pro-argument 10: The good ol 'Alonso days are back too

And also from ex-champion Fernando Alonso, who will be on the slopes for the Alpine team in 2021, we learn information from his glorious past as a McLaren driver. There were mechanical problems during qualifying at the Hungaroring, and the Spaniard finally saw the red flag. Since we have not received any dates from HesGoal, we have to conclude from the context that we are dealing with a message that shows a stately, noble patina. All of this will be a pleasure to read in 2021 as well.

Pro-argument 11: You can have fun with the "News" at any time

The news columns of HesGoal, both in football and in motorsport, will bear their name in 2021, at least at the time of the inspection, just for fun. The user can of course search and find his own personal fun out of the colorful variety of information. With the information given, he can search via Google to find out when the soccer match or race to which the report relates actually took place live. In this way he can broaden his horizons beyond the year 2021 ... In football, motorsport and so on.

Contra argument 2: Live enjoyment is illegal

The events that will be streamed will of course be entirely live in 2021. That’s football, motorsport, but it can also be golf, for example. But is it then, if you turn on the projector at 6:00 p.m. or so, enjoyment without regrets - and without risk? Unfortunately not quite. If the user goes live with football at 18 00, he is unfortunately at least in the deep gray area of legality. With other providers, he has to book paid subscriptions in order to see the best events. But they paid quite a bit to be able to broadcast. The streams that HesGoal puts online, on the other hand, often have at least dubious sources that have put their offer online without the permission of the rights holder. Here copyrights are violated, in football and possibly with every further stream.

And according to a ruling by the ECJ in 2017, watching such illegal streams, for example on football, is prohibited - there is a risk of a warning if it can be proven that a user was there live on the PC.

Contra argument 3: There are traps lurking in advertisements

In addition, there is a risk of unpleasantness with the personalized advertisements. Whether one can be enthusiastic about believing that "sexy Ukrainians" in Hamburg are just waiting to get to know you, around 6:00 p.m., everyone has to decide for themselves. If in doubt, a bitter and expensive disappointment awaits after 6:00 p.m. But in the advertising column there are also subscription traps and seductive teasers that you should download a codec quickly - and then you can quickly start streaming. You can guess: Adware and malware lurk here, which, with luck, can only get on your nerves - and in the worst case result in having to set up your computer again so that it can continue to do its job without any problems.

Our ultimate tip

So we see a mixed picture at HesGoal. The less demanding use of the offer is positive. 6:00 p.m., choose, have fun. The fact that the picture quality is not always top notch is acceptable, at least you can see live moving pictures without having to pay. A clear horse is the legal situation. It is forbidden for the mouse not to bite a thread. Whether you find this acceptable and take a risk is up to you. In any case, you should be very critical of what you find among the advertisements. Otherwise it can quickly become annoying and extremely tedious.

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